Surrealism – the Elusive Art of Subconscious

Published: October 12, 2016 в 18:12

Author: Yevgeny Gorbachev

The movement that we know as surrealism has started with the French poet André Breton, who was the first one to start exploring the realm beyond our consciousness in his works. His initiative was picked up by the artists who created during the 1920s and 1930s, but the art of surrealism continues to inspire modern masters of words and paint to this day. London art scene is definitely not an exception.


One of the most prominent characteristics used to describe the essence of surrealism is its attempt to depict the unconscious mind. It’s not just an imaginary scene, but rather the world we encounter in our dreams when our mind is completely free from the limitations of the real life. At the times of André Breton, the concept of unconscious was completely new to the artists, but it gave them an opportunity to express their inner worlds without any restrictions imposed by morality, good taste, or reason. The goal was to completely take out the logical mind out of the equation.

The surrealistic artworks in London, which you can purchase from professional artists that continue the tradition established by their predecessors, are able to immerse you into the atmosphere of absolute freedom and sheer creative genius.